Viewing and Accessing Contacts

Launch the VidyoDesktop client from the desktop tray. The application will launch and display all contacts. The first displayed contact will be the user (self)

To search for a contact simply type the users name in the available search box. The application will display matching users available in the system. 

To save a user as a contact click on the Add to Contacts icon before the user.

The status of the users or in case of a meeting room the availability of the room is displayed before each contact name. The icons can be described as below:

Contact Status Description:

Room Status Description

Joining a contacts Meeting Room and placing a call

Click on a contact to see available options. The window will show the contacts status, email address, extension and the tenant information.

The user has two options to reach the contact:
  • Connect with contact's Room: Will connect the user to the contacts Vidyo room and lets the user join the room. In some cases you may be required to enter a room PIN before joining the call. 
  • Connect with contact Directly:  This option will place a place a direct call to the contact. Note: If the contact is in a busy or offline state, the this button will be disabled
The user also has option to share a screen upon connecting and toggling video, audio and speaker settings.