Starting a meeting room

Note: Vidyo also has a mobile application that participants can use to join a meeting room. Instructions for connecting through the mobile app will be published soon.

A meeting room can be started by a user from any device that has the VidyoDesktop Client installed. Users can start a meeting by selecting a user first (The user is listed as the first contact).and then clicking on the "Connect to your Room" button.

Additionally, users can also right-click on the VidyoDesktop Client shortcut in the system tray and select the Start My Meeting option:

Inviting participants to your meeting room before initiating a meeting

Every user has a assigned Room URL that can can be shared with participants. Participants can join meeting rooms from using the VidyoDesktop client or from their browsers. 

To invite participants via the email before a meeting has started, select your name from the list and then click on the email icon.

Alternatively the user can copy the room URL for to share via email. To get the room URL click on the dotted icon under the connect option. 

A new window will display the additional options. Select Copy next to the Room Link option to copy the Room URL to the clipboard. 

Inviting participants to your meeting room while in a meeting

The user can also invite other participants during a meeting that is in progress. Click on the invite participants link to view all available contacts and to search for any contacts not displayed in the list.

This completes the section on inviting users to join a meeting room.