Users can record their meeting room conference using the VidyoReplay feature. Recordings can be shared and viewed by other people in the organization or by the general public.  

To record a meeting/session select the Launch Control-Meeting Panel from the options once the meeting has started. 

This will launch the control meeting panel. Click on the record option that is available on the screen.

The user will be presented with options for the recording:

  • Record: Select the Record button when only recording of video is needed.
  • Record & Webcast: Should the user also want to do a live webcast of the meeting simultaneously along with the recording, select this option. 
  • Record Profile: The recording profile lists the profiles of recording resolution/quality that are available. The following are the options available
    • BASIC-QUALITY: The capture will be basic low resolution capture. 
    • STANDARD-QUALITY:  The capture will be recorded in an Standared SD format 
    • HIGH-QUALITY: This will save the recording in an HD resolution video 

Below is a chart the frame width and height of each profile:

Profile Name Frame Size

Return back to the meeting on the VidyoDesktop. The meeting will show a red colored button on the bottom right hand corner indicating that the meeting is being recorded. 

Additionally the user will also see a new participant called Recorder in the participants list on the left side options. 

To stop recording at any time during the session mouse-over to the participant "Recorder" to see the options for that participant. Select the hang-up icon in red to stop the recording. 

Alternatively the user can also click on the Launch Control-Meeting Panel from the options once the recording has started. Select the pause or stop button to pause or stop the recording.

Recordings are stored in the VidyoReplay Library in the Adobe Flash Video (.flv) format for later viewing on demand or downloading.Live webcasts are also automatically recorded for later viewing or re-broadcasting. 

Accessing VidyoReplay Recording

To view a recorded meeting/session select the Launch Control-Meeting Panel from the options . 

VidyoDesktop™ - Abhi_njedge.idsflame.png

Select the Settings option from the panel.


Select the Go to Library option. 

The user will see all recorded videos under the My Videos menu for further processing.