Using VidyoReplay a user can webcast a meeting to any number of viewers. The webcast can be viewed through the webcast link. To initiate a webcast start a meeting using VidyoDesktop.

To start a webcast of this meeting select the Launch Control-Meeting Panel from the options once the meeting has started. 




This will launch the control meeting panel. Click on the record option that is available on the screen.

The user will be presented with multiple options. Select the Record & Webcast option. 

  • Record Profile: Select HIGH-QUALITY from the drop-down list. This will save the recording in an HD resolution video (Recommended)

The webcast will now be initiated and recorded. To view the webcast link and additional permissions, select the options button on the Control-Meeting Panel

The user can view and copy the webcast link from under the Webcast link option. Additionally the webcast can also be protected by a PIN if required. The user can set a PIN number. All viewers to the webcast will be required to input the PIN number before they can view the webcast.

Viewers can paste the webcast URL in browser address bar and watch the webcast. 

Note: When the recording option is stopped the webcast will stop as well. 

Users and participants will know when a meeting is being webcast-ed as the webcast icon will be visible during the meeting.