A meeting recorded using the VidyoReplay feature can be managed and shared from the VidyoReplay interface. 

The VidyoReplay My Recordings interface can be accessed through the following two methods:

  • Through the VidyoReplay URL
  • Using the VidyoDesktop

Through the VidyoReplay Domain

Visit https://"your-vidyo-tenant-name"replay.idsflame.com/ from your browser address bar. 

(for example if your tenant name is caldwell-njedge.idsflame.com ddress bar them your VidyoReplay portal is https://caldwell-njedgereplay.idsflame.com/)

The user will be asked to login using their Vidyo login credentials. Once logged in users can access and browse their recordings. 

Through VidyoDesktop Interface

To view a recorded meeting/session select the Launch Control-Meeting Panel from the options after launching a meeting. 


VidyoDesktop™ - Abhi_njedge.idsflame.png

Select the Settings option from the panel.



Select the Go to Library option. 



The user will see all recorded videos under the My Videos menu for further processing.

Managing My Videos

The user can share, edit or download any videos under the My Videos listing. 


Editing and Sharing a recording with other users:

Select the Edit option below a recorded session to open the edit window.

Over here the user can edit the following options:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Thumbnail
  • Access
    • Private: Only user can access
    • Organization: Users within the Vidyo domain for that institution can access
    • Public: Any user with the Recording Link can access the video

Additionally the user can also set a PIN number that users will need to input before they can access the recording. 
Click Save to retain all changes.

To share a video, copy-paste the Recording link and send it to any participants. Users can also use the Embed code to embed the recording on a different webpage, blog etc.

Other available options :

  • Download: The user can download and save the recording as an MP4 file, for later playback.
  • Lock: Locks the video to prevent it from deletion
  • Delete: Deletes the video recording permanently. 
  • Share: Opens up an email client such as MS Outlook with the share link for user to email link to other participants.

This completes this article on accessing share content.