Administrators can customize the look and feel of the tenant using options available in the tenant administration page. To start customizing, log into the tenant admin page. 

Navigating to the Customization option

Select the Settings tab and from the list of available options click on the Customization option. 

The user has multiple options here. Select the Customize Logos link

The following is the logo upload option available:

  • VidyoDesktop Download and Control Meeting Pages Logo: This setting updates the logo used on the VidyoDesktop download page shown to users when a software update is performed and the Control Meeting page shown to meeting moderators. The VidyoDesktop download page logo must be 145 x 50 pixels and can be in the .gif, .jpg or .png formats. To upload logo:
    • Click on the upload icon and Select logo file from desktop. Once the file is selected click Upload.
    • Select View to view the uploaded icon. 
    • To remove uploaded file select the remove button. 

The updated logo will be visible on the two pages.