Administrators can add new users to a tenant with assigned privileges. New users can be added as administrators or as normal users. 

To access the tenant admin page and add new users visit the URL - (for example:

Enter the username/password for the tenant login. 

Upon successful login the user will be directed to the administrative page for the tenant. 

Adding Users:

  • Select the Users Tab from the Admin dashboard. The Manage Users left menu item is selected by default.

  • Click the Add User link on the left menu. The following are the options available:

  • User Type: 
    • Admin: This option will provide administrative privileges and capabilities to the added user. 
    • Operator: Select Operator to manage users and meeting rooms. The operator has the same rights as the administrator except an operator cannot change any system settings nor manage groups.
    • Normal: A regular user who can join meetings, control their own meetings, and place direct calls. Normal users can change their passwords, set their PIN Codes and invite guests.
    • VidyoRoom:  Select VidyoRoom to create the account for the physical Vidyo endpoint appliance with the same rights as a normal user.
    • Executive: This feature is not available to NJEDge tenant institutions. 
  • User Name: Enter a user name, which is the name the user provides when logging in to the system. The user name must be alphanumeric and it cannot contain any spaces or punctuation except for the @ sign, periods, underscores, or dashes. The maximum length is 40 characters. If the intended entry has already been taken, please select a different name.
  • Password: Provide a temporary password. Users may change their own passwords later. Like the user name, the password also has a maximum length of 40 characters
  • Display Name: The displayed name of the person you are adding to the system. This name will be displayed during meetings to all users.
  • Email: Enter a valid email address for the user.
  • Extension: Enter the numeric extension you want associated with the user.
  • Group: Select either the default group or another group that may have been created previously.
  • Proxy, Location Tag, Language Preference: Default selected settings are recommended here. 
  • Description: Enter any details or data regarding the person being added.
  • Status: Check this box to enable the users account.

Select Save to add the user and complete the process.